At Angel Aspirations, we create devices aimed to provide something money can’t usually buy – a sense of personal safety, security, and peace of mind, no matter where you are. We constantly push the possibilities found at the point where technological innovation and personal safety meet. We create products and provide user-friendly solutions that provide you with peace of mind. We make sure that, should the worst ever happen, you get all the information you need when you need it. In short, we give you the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens, or where, the personal safety of you and your loved ones will be assured, because you’re always connected to each other and to emergency services.

Live without worries, secure in the knowledge that you’re as well-equipped as possible in the event that disaster strikes. This means not needing to worry needlessly the vast majority of the time, or practise constant vigilance, because you can rely on Angel Aspirations to alert you of any emergencies. Angel Aspirations products provide both real-world personal safety and risk reduction through its emergency alerts, and peace of mind through knowing that you’ll always be notified when you need to be.

Our Angel personal safety products are installed in case and before the worst happens, so that lives can be saved when the merest moments matter.

Who Is Behind Angel Aspirations?

Terry Keith Ashwin has been conceptualising and designing unique technological and electronic applications for more than 40 years. He developed several world-first inventions since the late 1970s.He has been the forerunner in new product development in multiple fields.

  • Identified by Tom Peters, thought leader on innovation and author of In Search of Excellence as one of the only two true inventors he came across.

  • Developed numerous world first inventions since the late 1970’s.

  • Developed the first wireless data communication devices in 1987 and sold it to IBM.

  • Experience with Active RFID since middle 1980’s with his first product Proxi in 1983.

  • Won Global Security Industries Finest award in Las Vegas in 2000 with Link-IT. The name Link-IT was changed to Wavetrend and the product is still one of the leading Active RFID products in the global Market.

  • Developed Wireless Intelligent Sensing Technology WiST in 2011.

  • One of a handful truly experienced RF designers globally.

  • Backed by an experienced business team.

This makes Terry one of only a handful of truly experienced RFID designers in the world. Terry’s expertise, backed by an experienced business team, makes Angel Aspirations products one of the best commercially available personal security RFID systems. Terry knows that when it comes to the personal safety of those we love most, absolute reliability is essential. He draws on four decades of experience and specialised knowledge to ensure his products provide exactly that.

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Angel Aspirations is your Guardian Angel watching over and protecting you. Whether you are behind the wheel, alone in the dark or out and about, Angel devices are designed to ensure that you are prepared in any situation. Angel Aspirations devices have been created with a single goal in mind – to provide a sense of security and comfort no matter what or where you are