Terms and Conditions


  1. General

I hereby accept all of the following terms and conditions and undertake as follows:

1.1 This document gives the Company permission to make certain information available to Angel Aspirations, including but not limited to Car Angel, Sport Angel, Active Angel (“Angel Products”) and/or its employees, agents, representatives and/or certain third parties.

1.2 I agree that by making certain information available, the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or it’s representatives are not responsible for any loss, whether direct, indirect or as a result of disclosing the information.

1.3 I agree that once I have given my permission and consent, the Company may obtain and use all such information accordingly.

1.4 I agree and understand that by giving my permission, I consent to the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or it’s representatives tracking and obtaining my information in order to send out alerts, notifications and my location to authorised third parties, through Angel Products.

  1. Acknowledgement

2.1 I acknowledge that (a) the Company has developed Angel Products in order to use, access and record my information in order for the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or its representatives to track my whereabouts and to provide third parties with this information; (b) the purpose of Angel Products is to transfer the data and personal information tracked by designated Angel Product to the below agreed third parties in the case of an emergency: (i) the chosen contact and/or next of kin, (ii) the relevant insurance company, (iii) the relevant medical aid provider, (iv) Emergency Medical Services, (v) SAPS, and/or (vi) any other agreed third party.

2.2 I understand that once the Company has shared my information with the authorised third parties, the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or it’s representatives have no further control over this information and will not be accountable for its safeguarding.

2.3 I further understand that the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or it’s representatives will treat my information as confidential and in line with applicable laws. I note that the Company will, as required by and in adhering to applicable laws, protect and maintain the confidentiality of my information.

2.4 I acknowledge that I am aware of the nature of the document herein.

  1. Consent

3.1. By consenting, I agree to my information being made available to authorised third parties, employees, agents, and/or representatives of the Company through Angel Products for the purposes of (a) monitoring and tracking my location and (b) the Company obtaining and using my information.

3.2. The consent I give is valid from the date and time when I give consent and will continue until I revoke such consent. I am entitled to change or revoke my consent at any time by formally, in writing, letting the Company know of my decision. When I revoke my consent, Angel Products will no longer be able to access my information.

3.3. I have been made aware of the full terms and conditions, and my consent to all the terms and conditions of the Company and Angel Products is provided of my own free will without any undue influence from any person whatsoever. I indicate my full understanding and agreement to consent to use Angel Products, and my signature below indicates my understanding of the agreement to comply with the terms of this consent form. By consenting to this form, I allow all authorised third parties, employees, agents and/or representatives of the Company to access my information through Angel Products.

  1. Responsibility and Restrictions:

4.1. Angel Products do not offer warranty or responsibility for any loss, damage, loss of profits, business or revenue because of (a) any type of delay, fault, or other failure that is caused by the service, as well as hardware installation or operation and (b) any negligence on the part the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or it’s representatives, which includes radio communication or GSM network in the area that functions with the hardware or other aspects of your Angel Product Services, such as the help button in case of a flat tyre or vehicle break down.

4.2. This indemnity is irrevocable and constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties, and no representation by either of the parties or their agents, whether made prior or subsequent to the signing of this Agreement, shall be binding on either of the parties unless in writing and signed by all the parties hereto.

  1. Disclaimer

Unless prohibited by law, you agree to hold the Company, Angel Products, its employees, agents and/or it’s representatives harmless for any loss or damage caused to you or any third party arising from the service provided by Angel Products, their service providers, agents and /or employees or Angel Products not being able to perform the service for any reason, including negligence (including gross negligence).