Angel Alert

Unit Price $ 39.95 Monthly subscription $ 8.99 and free two month trial

Angel Alert is a self-contained and compact personal panic button you can easily carry with you wherever you go. Activate it in the event of an emergency, and the Alert Angel personal safety device will send an alert in the form of a customizable message and your current location. With Angel Alert, you’re never beyond the reach of your loved ones when you need them, or they need you.

Angel Alert


Angel Alert is designed with portability in mind, so that it works reliably no matter where you are, and is small and light enough to always keep on you. The unit acts as a personal panic button, and is ideal as an elderly alert system or for disabled people living alone. It also works as a great tracking device for kids, or a general family tracker. With Angel Alert on them, your loved ones can easily notify each other, neighbours, or members of the local community when they are faced with an emergency.

You can set exactly who gets notified when the button is pressed, and customise the message that gets sent along with your location to include important medical information, like allergies or existing conditions. Its fully independent SIM connectivity and three year battery life means you never need to worry about keeping it charged or pairing it with any other devices. Angel Alert is always there for you, just the press of a button away, no matter what.

Angel Alert is not just a perfect home panic button – it is designed to work anywhere outdoors as well, to provide truly portable peace of mind. With the Angel Alert emergency alert system, you can always find your loved ones quickly, and know if they need you. .

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How It Works

Angel Alert is a compact personal panic button that you can always easily keep on you. Activate in an emergency and send a pre-loaded message to your loaded contacts with your location. Independent device with own sim.

Main Features

3-Year battery life
A user sets up a profile via the online site and enters all information and parameters.
Programmable and can send up to 10 SMS’s to pre-programmed numbers.
The unit checks in once a month with a SMS to let you know battery voltage and correct functionality
Angel Alert Advanced has the unique ability to set your preferred emergency contacts according to your location, meaning that it will reach out to specific contacts depending on where you are.

Take the Next Step

Once you order your Angel Alert online, it is shipped directly to you. Once you receive your device you will get a link to set up all of your pre-loaded contact and other details online